We care about the planet!

The negative impacts that humans have on nature are increasingly evident and worrying. Habitat destruction, pollution, agglomeration of solid waste and the fast decline of biodiversity are just some of the examples of environmental problems generated by human action today.

António Salgado & Ca Lda. cares about the planet and all the environmental problems the world is facing and because of that between 30/40% of the energy used by the company is generated through solar energy. We focus on three key aspects and values:

– Produce better with less;
– Respect the environment and all human beings;
– Always look for the most sustainable alternatives throughout the production process.

Solar energy

António Salgado is equipped with the energy of the new generation. Solar energy is non-polluting and is becoming increasingly powerful and represents an economically viable solution.
We are proud to use a renewable energy source to contribute less impact on the environment.

Waste Reuse and Recycling

The weaving, cutting and finishing processes of the textile industry generate waste and losses that accumulate and form many wastes that become obsolete for the rest of the chain.

Here, we leverage these materials as a new source to make different types of products. All textile waste generated such as ribs, trimmings, scraps and used yarns are reconverted and mixed to produce colorful rugs and carpets or other home craft projects, adding value to these highly sustainable products.

Recycled and Sustainable Materials

We want to increase the incorporation of more sustainable and reusable raw materials into our products. As much as possible, we try to find more recycled yarn from pre-consumer or post-consumer sources such as cotton, polyester, greener viscose and fibers such as lyocell, hemp and nettles.

Eco Life®
Is a circular economy model that reuses fiber and textile waste to generate recycled yarn. May come from leftovers, leftover production and confection cuts as well as on clothes that are no longer used by the consumer, where they are regenerated and used to make new wires.

Fibers made only from certified and controlled wood sources, with lower emissions and impact on water consumption.

Polyester fiber from recycled plastic bottles through a traceable and sustainable process. Used PET bottles are cut, melted and this new material is extruded and converted into a new high quality recycled polyester yarn.

Sustainable Processes

New dyeing method that reproduces the tones of nature. It is highly sustainable because it uses natural dyes produced from waste from the agri-food industry or plants and their inedible parts such as leaves or bark. With this technology, waste is recycled from other industries and helps to reduce the negative impact of the environmental footprint and preserve human welfare, natural resources and climate change compared with conventional synthetic dyes.

New certified dyeing process that consumes 86% less water (proven by SGS) than traditional methods. This feature has the advantage of being a more sustainable option and provides a marble dyeing effect, giving each end product a unique identity and look.