Productive areas
Get to know in detail all of António Salgado’s ativity areas
Design Office
The design office transforms the wishes of our customers into products that respond to market trends. Innovation is an essential capacity we need to have in a global market in constantly changing, which requires us to be even more creative, rigorous and careful to details.
The permanent concern with the responsiveness to the client requires a unique technical and industrial expression. The equipment’s range for the production of jacquard fabrics is modern, efficient and sustainable. The integrated management computer system is currently essential in monitoring the weaving area.
Initial quality control
Quality control is one of the most important stages in António Salgado’s production process. A qualified technical team is dedicated to the review of possible defects in the end of the weaving and after finishing.
In this section, we produce various quilting products with different characteristics. We use specific equipment to ensure a unique product always considering the density and composition of fabrics and fillings.
Cutting / confection
Rigor during the production process is revealed in the final product. Throughout the product transformation, the fabric is cut manually and customized according to the final requirements.
Final quality control
To ensure a superior final product, we have developed a quality system based on rigorous verification and control steps.