The desire to innovate, combined with the know-how and presence since 2013 at the Heimtextil home textiles fair allowed António Salgado to embark on a path of growth year after year. For 2017, new projects are already in the pipeline, including the launch of two private labels.

Founded in 1998, the family-owned company, which in addition to its eponymous founder, António Salgado, has the involvement of his wife Carla and children João and Pedro, specializes in home textiles such as quilts, sheets and mid-range accessories. high, with an average monthly output of 10,000 pieces coming from the 12 looms and the hands of the 40 employees it employs.
“What differentiates us is that we are always innovating, introducing new products, because today the need of customers is not large quantities, but news,” explained António Salgado in an interview published in the July / August issue of Jornal Têxtil, underlining that the market ‘supports small quantities, fast deliveries and constant news’.
Spain (representing 10% to 15% of sales), England. The Netherlands, France, Italy, Russia, the Nordic countries and the USA are António Salgado’s main markets, with the latter emerging as early as 2016.
Export diversification, which accounts for 95% of the company’s sales, is part of the strategy outlined early. “We are not in force in one country, nor do we want to,” said António Salgado. The justification, pointed out son João Salgado, is also in the response to seasonality. “As we enter multiple markets, we will start to avoid that. When one place is summer, another is winter, ”he said. «The idea is to have multiple clients at various latitudes. Sometimes some countries today are fine and tomorrow are bad, as is the case with Brazil, Russia, ”added António Salgado.

With a steady growth since 2013, having reached, in 2015, a turnover of 2.5 million euros, which could have reached 3 million euros last year, since 2012 António Salgado has invested 3 million euros in the update technology and for the next 12 months there are new investments planned. “In the short term we need to consolidate markets and consolidate our structure, which was a big investment. In the long run, always present in the market, renewing machines », said António Salgado.
The company’s goals also include private labels, which should arrive this year. «We are trying to create two brands: one in the mid / low segment and one for the mid / high segment. We plan to launch them from 2017, ”said the founder of the company.

With a history linked to the textile universe practically since he was born – in fact, it was precisely in 1962 that his parents founded the family business he came to lead – António Salgado could not help but believe in the future of the industry in Portugal. «I believe in the future not only of home textiles, but of all Portuguese textiles. For many reasons. Firstly, because the consumer mindset is increasingly believing in us and no longer focused on Asia. It is no longer just the price factor, the “made in Portugal” that matters, ”he said. However, he said, “Portugal should have something that would make us more evident out there. Cristiano Ronaldo alone what is he doing? It is a phenomenon. We already have a Lasa, a Lameirinho, but we smaller companies also have to have a strong brand, ”he concluded.