About us

António Salgado is a Portuguese company of traditional and family structure, in its genesis, but with contemporary character in the business attitude and performance.

Since its foundation back in 1998, António Salgado has been dedicated to creating comfort, design and well-being through the production of home textiles.

The fabrics developed in the industrial unit are mainly transformed into quilts, throws and duvet covers. The quality and uniqueness of António Salgado Jacquards are now recognized by customers, naturally explaining the success that the company has been achieving in the national and international markets.

Quality and Innovation are present in all products presented in the collection. Trends are integrated into all stages of product development: from weaving, finishing until manufacturing.

In order to introduce the customers to products that respond to their lifestyles and environmental concerns, António Salgado seeks to select the most innovative raw materials in the market.

All António Salgado’s work, dedication and know-how has its main purpose to create long lasting and true partnership with its customers.


Create comfort, design and well-being through our Jacquard textiles.
Provide jacquard fabric as a ready made product in the form of bedspreads, duvet covers, cushions, table line and others, as well as good quality fabric per meter at a competitive price, always considering good sustainability practices.


Grown on the domestic market and expand further into international markets, creating connections with different and various partners.


Customer Satisfaction
Appreciation and respect of all people
Social responsibility
Respect for the environment
Excellence with simplicity
Personal and Professional Integrity and Ethics
Appreciation of the employees